The Aplomado Falcon
Falco femoralis


The Aplomado falcon
was once found throughout the southwestern United States including Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. Their populations spanned through South America all the way to southern Argentina. Having decreased to only one breeding pair in the United States in 1952, they are the last falcon in the United States listed on the Endangered Species List. Their preferred habitat, wide open grasslands, have been compromised due to human development.

NECF supports The Peregrine Fund, which is actively putting Aplomado falcons back into the wild. Using a technique called “hacking,” biologists place falcon chicks into the wild just before they are able to fly and monitor and feed them on site, in a nest box, until they are ready to be set free. ¬†Over 1,500 chicks have been released into the wild and as a result, there is now a breeding population in the United States.