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Shop for Conservation

By using Amazon Smile, you can passively contribute money every time you shop with Amazon! Just set Natural Encounters Conservation Fund as your charity of choice, and a small portion of all your purchases will help save animals, without any extra fees!


Simply learning more about endangered animals and why the they are at risk of disappearing, you can become a voice to stand against extinction.  Understanding how humans impact animals is key to realizing how your own carbon footprint can effect the world around you.  Learn more about the programs Natural Encounters Conservation Fund supports.  By doing so, you have taken the first steps in staying connected to the natural world.

Tours are also available at our Ranch facility in Winter Haven, FL by appointment.

Come to a show

Natural Encounters can be found at the State Fair of Texas in Dallas in 2019! We educate audiences by showcasing the natural behaviors and abilities of our animals. Audience members will also have the chance at the end of the show to donate to NECF with the help of our famous donation box raven!